Success Story

“Best of luck to you Ms. Drakeford!”

Midlands Health and Rehab would like take the time to acknowledge a very special individual, Ms. Doretha Drakeford. 

Ms. Drakeford arrived at Midlands after a 2-week hospital length of stay at Providence Hospital following a hospital stay at Kershaw Hospital with a primary diagnosis of acute respiratory failure.  

When Ms. Drakeford came to Midlands, she required assistance with numerous tasks regarding her activities of daily living.  She is oxygen dependent which subsequently, caused her to present with decreased endurance, dynamic balance instability, and deficits in overall functional mobility. 

Although Ms. Drakeford did have several respiratory concerns, she continued to remain strong and disciplined throughout her therapy sessions.  Her persistence and perseverance paid off and she was able to return home with family at a supervisory level.  Midlands Health and Rehab truly appreciate you for your enthusiasm and dedication!!!