Success Story

Midlands Health and Rehab would like to acknowledge a very special person, Mrs. Xan White. Mrs. White came to Midlands after a 2-week hospital stay at Providence Hospital with the diagnosis of acute infective carditis. She also developed a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia while at Providence.

Upon arrival to Midlands, she required a great deal of assistance with daily activities and overall functional mobility. She often had days where she felt nauseated and general malaise secondary to this infection. Mrs. White had a history of falls and when admitted, still posed as a high fall risk. She had decreased endurance and generalized weakness. However, she did not let that prevent her from participating in therapy sessions sometimes numerous times a day.  She continued to work hard and remained focus on not only her personal goals, but also the goals within her plan of care.

Her vigorous efforts paid off and she was able to be discharged home at a supervision to independent level of function with her husband. Thank you, Mrs. White for all your hard work. It was a pleasure having you at Midlands Health and Rehab!