Success Story

“I have made a lot of progress and I am looking forward to going home.”

 Midlands Health and Rehab takes pleasure in honoring an extremely special resident,

Ms. Fannie Willis. Ms. Willis came to Midlands after a 10-day hospital stay at Prisma Health Richland with the diagnosis of atherosclerotic.

heart disease. Ms. Willis has a history of falls and still presented as a high fall risk secondary to having an unsteady shuffling gait, decreased endurance, and blindness of the right eye.  

Upon arrival to Midlands, she required a great deal of assistance with functional mobility, transfers, upper/lower body dressing and bathing.  However, that did not deter Ms. Willis from remaining focused on her personal goals and the goals the therapists had set for her.

With her hard work and perseverance, she was able to return home at a supervisory level of function with her daughter and home health services.  Congratulations Ms. Willis!!  It was an honor having you at Midlands Health and Rehab.